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Wii/gamecube Connection Troubleshooting



Okay, so the topic title should give you a good idea of what's going on, but let me explain:


I have tried to connect both my Nintendo Gamecube, and Wii to the capture card. I haven't had the desired result; being the TV displaying the proper video/audio input, and the card capturing the desired footage.

My results have either been, both having grey scale video displayed, one having color (usually the TV) while the other has grey scale (usually the card). The other being the capture card just doesn't find the signal.

The following are the connections settings I used and that failed (keep in mind I am working with a flat-screen projector-box-type Mitsubishi TV):


Wii - HD composite converter cables - Roxio - HD Composite Cables/USB Cable - TV/PC


Wii/GC - Analog Composite (RWY) - Roxio - HDCC/USB - TV/PC


Wii/GC - Analog - Roxio - Analog/USB - TV/PC


Wii - HDCC - Roxio - Analog/USB - TVPC


Wii/GC - Analog - TV Analog Input - TV Analog Monitor Out - Analog - Roxio - HDCC/USB - TV composite Input/PC


None gave me what I need, which is color caputre on the Roxio and Color display on the TV. If anyone has any advice, I would be very appreciative.


Thank you,


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If your Nintendo Gamecube, and Wii have Component out jacks then hook it up the same way you did for the PS3.


Game Console (Wii/Nintendo) > Component Cable RGC (Input) .... RGC (Out) Component Cable > TV > UDB to PC.

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What coupler ?. Please explain were you need this.


In your first post you talk about using Composite cables (Y/R/W) . The Roxio unit only uses Component connections (Red/Green/Blue).


What type of output connections do your Wii and Nintendo have?.

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