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Ok so when I have a 'Roxio Game capture HD pro' and I have some Playstation component cables.

http://goo.gl/JeibS7 - the cables I use


My PS3 setup is as follows:

Playstation 3 --> Component cables (input) --> Roxio --> HDMI (output) --> HDMI switch box (output) --> Monitor/TV

My PS2 setup is:

Playstation 2 --> Component cables (input) --> Roxio --> Component cables (output) --> TV


With the PS2 setup the image comes out very dark (image attached). I have also attempted to output in HDMI which does not output a dark image but a box appears in the middle of the screen (also attached as an image).


If I connect the PS2 directly to the TV through component it works with full colour, and I can also output my PS3 through component (through the Roxio device) and have no problems it is only when I attempt to output the PS2 does it go dark.



  • In the Roxio software the PS2 image comes out in full colour.
  • I have also tried it without the switch box but i get the same result (box appears).
  • I have also tried to try HDMI --> TV, but i get a purple image.
  • I have also tried to fix the image using my TVs setting but I can't fix it.




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Posting a picture here is a lot easier than what you are doing and saves every the bother of going somewhere else...


Info - HERE


Your Options are not any different than anybody else's, other than you have it set to PAL, which is normal for your part of the woods :lol:


But again ~ the Options available are based on what you send it... So it is back to your PS2 output settings -_-

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