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My .wav Files Recorded In Audacity Are Being Cut Short



So a friend and I recorded a gameplay video using the Roxio HD Pro and commentary with Audacity. When I went to start editing, I exported the Audacity file to a .wav file. Then, when I added it the gameplay on Videowave, the audio recording was cut short by about six minutes. Does anyone know of a way to remedy this?

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This is an issue if the audio file is longer than the video file as seen here :




(Take note the audio commentary is 20 minutes long)


My way of fixing this is by inserting a color panel and stretching it until the audio is maxed out




Once that's done you will need to sync your gameplay with the commentary so that's up to you. Find the point in the gameplay when your commentary is said then match it together. Then cut off the unnecessary parts.


Hope I helped ^_^

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