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Congratulations Corel



Congratulations Corel! Software that does not require an update for almost a year, no matter what OS, other software or hardware changes occur in the marketplace. No worries about compatibility issues, updated drivers, or the whims of Microsoft. My other software and Windows OS seems to update almost weekly, all by themselves. There must be something wrong with my system, that it requires such frequent changes; technology doesn't change that fast, does it? A remarkable accomplishment....

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I get it. I finally figured out Roxio's Marketing plan.

  • Produce a product that crashes in six months.
  • Do not offer any fixes for that product.
  • Make it impossible to re-install the product.
  • If a person is close to fixing the problem tell them that their license string has been used too many times.
  • Make it impossible to contact support unless you pay $25.00 (1/4 the price of the broken software.)

This is the cleverest marketing plan or the best bate and switch scam ever. I have been a Roxio and Corel customer for more than ten years, however in the past three years I have had the same problem every year. I am done.

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You really do have tomuchtime ~ :P


You said " Produce a product that crashes in six months." That would be quite a trick how did you get on the special list to have your version crash? :blink:

If it works for people who take the time to do things right, why is an upgrade needed.

People reinstall the product the program all the time -mostly because their hard drive crashes or they are changing operating systems.

How many times should you be allowed to reinstall the software? How do they know that you are not supplying all your friends (or enemies) a free copy?

You had free support for about 30 days after you installed the software. It worked. Now somehting has changed on your computer and you want to blame the software rather than your computer or your expertise (or lack there of) with the program.

As you may have read in my post above, the basic structure and program operation has not changed for several years. Even if they put out fixes once a year, don't you think that they would have fixed them all even if it was one by one.


Since you are done and have not asked for help, I think we can close this topic.


From your "not my fault attitude" , I can guess where you are from. It may be a location trait ! :lol:

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