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Engrave Cd In An Order That Is Not One Of The Original Files





I want to burn files of a concert on a CD, using 'burn audio cd'. I put the files in correct order of the concert. I am unable to maintain the order of files on the CD ... so the concert is completely different order! I tried many times and nothing change. Can you help me solve this problem? Thank you.

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Hi Mr Harding,


Thank you for your reply. I found the solution. Instead of selecting the 17 files and place them all together in the software, it must move one by one, in the right order. It is just that!


I started to write you a long answer, before finding the solution. Let me give you a few lines as these explanations are, in my opinion, help other persons understand more clearly my problem.


I understand that if I burn a CD of files, the order of the music will depend on filenames. However, I burn a CD on “audio mode” because I want to play the CD in no matter what kind of player. That is my goal. I can't find your screenshot, probably for this reason.


In addition, the recording on WAV files in order to achieve maximum quality. I named each file by the numbers 1, 2, 3 ... to be sure they are in good order. However, once engraved in audio mode, it can’t see the files, it can see tracks. When I look at the contents of the CD with the File Explorer, I see small files of 44 bytes named Track01.cda, Track02.cda etc..


I ask you apologize syntax’s errors or inappropriate terms. I am a french canadian, my native language is french, and english is my second language. Thank you.

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Your English is far better than my French :lol:


Yes you are correct!


So you know, you Can move the files up and down within Music Disc Creator when you have selected an Audio CD Project and thus change their playback order too ;)


I am going to move
Close to the Flame
to the Number 9 position:



Dragging - note the dashed Insert Line:






Of course use what suites you best! Just wanted you to know you could adjust is you need to :)

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Hi Mr Hardin,OK... I understand... When I used the wizard on the front page of Roxio, it open another program. For next burn, I will open directly Music Disc Creator. It look much more adapted for this job.


Roxio Creator Pro is very complete and.. complex and heavy suite of softwares. I have it since January 2012 and I just begin to know some softwares.


Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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