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OK maybe someone can help me or someone has the same problem. When im using Roxio VideoWave to render a video after editing it. If its a long video it always pops up and Error message Saying Unspecified Error. Thats it. No numbers no nothing. I need help because this is really making me mad and i dont have a support code so god im not paying no !@#%ing $20 for something i already paid $120 for to work right. Technical Support should be free after you purchase the equipment. But can someone please help me. THis is really making me mad it happens all the time. Last time it occured was on 18 minutes of a 22 minute long video. at least i wish it was the beginning but no it will wait till the very end and then just say error. I will try to screen shot it and post it so people can see what i see.



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An 'unspecified error' is just that! So there won't be any numbers ;)


I can see that it is happening fairly well into a 22 minute production - 18 minutes in this case...


That brings up a question of your PC overheating? If it is a laptop, you MUST be running on AC power AND have it on a hard flat surface!

(a small fan never hurts either)


You could also try going into Tools - Options - Render and set it to Software.


Let us know how that works and if we need to do more, include your PC Specs.

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well when i googled it, it was always saying unspecified error 0X80004005 so dont have to be a smart &%$ lol.


But i doubt my computer is overheating.



My specs are: Intel core i7 3.5Ghz 32 GB DDR3 1600 ripjaw ram

evga gts 450 graphics with 2gb on board ram

im currently watercooled with a CORSAIR Hydro Series H80 (CWCH80) High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler.


When i am rendering a video it normally runs around 65 degrees C

but when i am just on idle or playing games it runs around 30

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