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Capture Pc With Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro



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...sort of...


You would have to have 2 monitors or 2 PC's.


In this pic, I have the software running on Monitor 1 (Left) and the Play running on Monitor 2 (Right)




The HDMI for Monitor 2 goes into the RGC Device and another HDMI from the RGC Device to Monitor 2.


But if you are talking about playing a game AND capturing on the same PC/Monitor ~ I have my doubts ;)


Some say they have others say it fails... :(

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1) I came to ask if you can capture screen pc with roxio,


2) I do not want programs like fraps because they slow the pc.

1) It can if your PC supports HDMI output.


2) Unfortunately every capture card that I know eats up CPU power. If you're planning to record PC gameplay via capture card, record using another computer and play with the one you're using.

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