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Roxio Gamecap Hd Pro ~ Internet Connection



Making a new topic because it seems like no one else is having this problem.

I just bought a Rixio Gamecap HD PRO, I installed it and it all worked well tried to capture some little clips on my ps3, it works.

But if I want to go on twitch.tv or I want to register my key on the program himself, it doesn't work because I don't have any internet connection it sais.

But I really do have, I tried everything I'm so hopeless please help me, quick! :(


Greetings Soundcheck.


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I used internet explorer, and it works! Thank you so much!




Is it possible to facecam with Roxio Gamecap HD PRO?




Unless you could get your mug onto a monitor in the 'Playing' PC and use the Output from that PC to go into the RGC Device... :glare: (theory only ~ never tried)

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