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Tivo > Toast Blu-Ray Audio-Video Sync Issue



Hi, folks.


I've ssearched and found a bunch of solutions for this isssue when the source media are movies created in iMovie or FCP, but not from a .tivo file, and since I'm not authoring the audio or video, those solutions don't really apply.


When I'm converting a .tivo file and saving to a disc image, then burning image to disc, I get a noticeable sync issue with audio leading the video. I have reencoding turned off, I have tried with both PCM and Dolby Digital selections in the custom preferences with the same result (even tried locking hte audio to 192 kbps rather than auto).


The source .tivo file shows no sync issue when played with Toast Video Player. I don't have any software that can open the BDMV file for playback, so I can't verify the sync at that point in the process, but I don't think there's any way to lose sync during the burn to disc process so I must assume (until told different) that the issue must be introduced during the burn to disc image


The issue starts immediately on playback and there is no noticeable "drift".


The source video is MPEG-2, 1920x1080, 29.97 fps, audio is Dolby Digital 5.1, 48kHz.


My actual procedure is to drop the .tivo file directly into Toast > Blu-ray Video, set the custom parameters to reencode off (ridiculous I have to set this every time I open Toast), I've even tried leaving it as MPEG-2, which is a little better but still noticeable, at least leaving it as MPEG-2 has the video leading the audio, which the brain interprets better.


System is a Mac Mini 2.3GHz Quad Core, Late 2012, 480GB SATA III SSD, 16GB RAM.


Anybody know how to fix this issue?

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I no longer have Toast 10's Blu-ray plugin because it gets deleted when the Toast 11 Blu-ray plugin is installed. So I can't confirm or troubleshoot your audio sync issue. Your post informed me of something I didn't know before which is that HD video transferred from TiVo can be used to a high-def Blu-ray video disc using Toast. I figured that the resolution would get reduced the way it does when converting a TiVo transfer to another format.


So I tried this with Toast 11 to see what happens. The answer: the audio remains in sync. I'm presuming that Toast displays that it is Multiplexing rather than Encoding the video when you are doing your project. Is that correct? If so, it doesn't matter what your settings are because Toast is not doing anything to the video or audio streams other than multiplexing them for playback with a Blu-ray player. I suppose this could result in an audio sync issue.


Toast 11 comes with the Roxio Video Player that can play videos in a BDMV folder created by Toast. You should be able to play the .m2ts video file that's inside the Streams folder inside the BDMV folder (or package) using VLC Media Player.


I noticed some stuttering during playback using Roxio Video Player that wasn't in the source video. However, there was no stuttering when using VLC to play the .m2ts video so that is a player issue and not a multiplexing issue.


So all I can say is that I'm not experiencing the problem you're having but I'm using a newer version of Toast. I'm not sure that's the reason I'm not having the issue, though.

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