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What Happened To The Main Menu Creation Options?



In previous versions of this product I was able to create a main DVD menu that had multiple links (icons) to the different photo slideshows I created in this program. Now it appears that this program will only allow one, long photo slideshow. What happened to the ability to create a main menu with multiple icons for people to choose which photo slideshow they want to watch?

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Please tell me what version of the product you have now [name and version number] and what previous versions allowed you to do what you've described.


There are a number of different ways to make slideshows. Which program in the suite or which menu item are you using to make yours?

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Edit: Actually I was thinking of the EVD 3 when I wrote this but it may be usable in the Red Box version!


No time to 'test' this but I think your you would proceed this way...


First Each Separate Movie Clip added will be a Title or Button (isn't there an option to combine or leave them separate?)


So before that, you start a Project, create one 'Slideshow' and at the end, EXPORT it as a movie clip.

(again, you can add transitions between 'slides' in the last step)


Then start your final Project and add in all those slideshow movies and clips you have created.


Take a look at that method and let us know what you find ;)

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There are no updates to the cut-down cheap suites such as Easy CD & DVD Burning.


Nashville68, if you create and save your each of your slideshows [the graphics show, not the project file] as a file, you should be able to import each of them into MyDVD Express as separate items with their own separate menu items. Have you never done that in this version? Can you not do that now?

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