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Audio Track Count In Toast 11?



Hi all, I'm a long time Toast and Jam (RIP) user and have come across a problem in Toast 11.


I have a number of audio CDs that I'm mastering which have very high track counts. One is 92, two others have 66 tracks.


When I burn the CD with Toast it plays the first 60 or so tracks, then skips through the rest as if they were milliseconds long. The files play OK in toast before the burn.


I've tried this with multiple burners and media brands. Also, I installed Toast on my laptop (mac book 2010) and get the same result.


When I use iTunes to make the master CDs they play back fine.


So, in short, different computers, different burners, different brands of media - same files, same version of toast (11.1 1072), doesn't work in toast, works in iTunes...


Anyone seen this before and have any ideas? Thanks!


MacPro (1.1 2010), snow leopard, Sony burner (superdrive), LG burner (HL-DT-SL), TDK CDs, JVC CDs, ritek CDs, maxell CDs.


PS I know I can use iTunes for this kind of work, but I've done this with Toast (pre version 11) and Toast has always been easier. I'd prefer to fix this rather than change to iTunes. Unless there's an even better option out there...


Thanks in advance for any insights!

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I don't know whether this is good or bad news. Toast 11.1 recorded a 96-track audio CD for me without any problem. The tracks ranged from 10 seconds to 2 minutes and were mp3s on a disc I have of copyright-free audio clips. I tested with creating a .sd2f disc image and with direct burning to disc. Both are fine. I also played the disc (starting at track 60) with a CD player and it worked there as well.


What might cause this? If the source tracks are compressed I've known Toast to crash when it encountered a track that has some fault. The source plays fine thanks to error correction but Toast gagged when uncompressing. What I've done in that case is convert the culprit track to AIFF before adding to Toast. That probably isn't what's going on here, though.


Since you experienced this on two different Macs and I didn't experience it on mine is very puzzling. The Mac I used is running OS 10.7.5. I have another that is running the latest 10.8. I could see if that makes any difference if that's the OS you're running.


Have you tested by moving the tracks into a different order? That should eliminate the possibility that Toast is having a problem with a specific source track.

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Thanks for the reply and the effort to test this. As for the OS's... my tower is snow leopard and my laptop is mountain lion. My files are all broadcast wav's

This is a very interesting problem. I'll keep trying to figure it out.


It does tell me something that it's not the number of tracks, thanks a million!



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