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Roxio Backontrack "cannot Read Backup" Error

Francis _DB


Hi friends,


I was using Roxio Creator 2011 BackOnTrack software to backup all my data in the hard drive to upgrade the Operating System.

Now I cannot restore the backup as it halts at 16% and showing an error " Cannot read backup". Copied the entire Roxio backup to another hard disk and tried, still no luck.


The operating system originally installed on my laptop was Windows Vista (32 bit). So I have taken the complete back from it. Now I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS.


I installed Roxio Creator 2011 on another computer (Windows 7 32bit) and started to recover files, getting the same error "Cannot read backup" in 23%.


I tried to restore the Roxio backup from another software (Eg- Acronis), it couldn't even recognize the backup.


I can access the backup folder, but cannot open anything. (Pictures, documents, audio and video files).


what would be the solution for this ?

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There probably isn't any 'solution' to this... :(


You are trying to Read media that cannot be read. But there are some tricks to try!


Make sure the media is Clean - free from fingerprints, cracks, chips or a hazy appearance.

(you can wash them by putting a little hand soap on your wetted hands - No Rings - and gently washing them)

(soft clean towel BLOT dry, don't rub!)


You can try to copy the entire disc to your HDD.


Try another PC and try other drives.


Compressed backups are generally only recoverable by using the same software that wrote them. There is no such thing as a "Standard Backup".


Future Advice? (aka Hindsight)


1. Always have at least ONE more copy of a backup (2 is even better)


2. Try to backup 2 different ways - Optical Media, Magnetic Media and Cloud


3. Always keep Direct Copies of important things so that a specific program isn't needed to recover them. And apply 1.


I should mention ISO Buster but when I have had unreadable discs, even that one proved futile :wacko:

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