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Avid, Sorenson Squeeze Compatibility With Feature-Sized Files?



Does anybody know if CreatorDXTPro is compatible with LARGE FEATURE FILM-sized output files generated for Blu-ray burning?


I'm running Win7 with Avid Media Composer 5.0 and Squeeze 9.


My feature, when it comes out of Avid as a Quicktime file, is 69GB. I can use Squeeze to compress it for Blu-ray, resulting in an .m2v video file and an .acc audio file.


If I bring it out of Avid as a .mov reference file, there are potential problems in that the external drive on which this movie resides is formatted exFAT, while my internal drives are formatted NTPS. (This keeps me from being able to use Avid DVD by Sonic, my customary burner.)


I'm running Creator 10 now, and it will burn .iso images generated from Squeeze onto Blu-ray, but it breaks the movie down into four sub-files that play with skips that make the resulting Blu-ray unusable. There is also the issue that the Sorenson preset that generates the .iso image is designed for DVDs, so I'm losing HD quality that I see in Avid when I watch the unusable Blu-ray disc.


My goal is to get the HD quality I see in Avid onto a Blu-ray disc for screenings. Will CreatorDXTPro get me there?


Dan Freudenberger


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You got a lot of misspellings in that post!


First of all "Squeeze" and "HD Quality" cannot coexist :huh:


It is either HD Quality or Sacrifice Quality for size ~ there is No 3rd Choice ;)


Roxio uses a Fixed Bitrate Authoring so Time & Quality determine the Size ~ a 25 GB BD can hold 3:29 hours whereas a 50 GB BD can hold 6:59 hours...


For someone with such a very expensive software (Avid Media Composer) you seem to know very little about the facts of video??? -_-

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