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Says It Not The Right Key

alberto muniz jr


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That is pretty vague!


There are 4 versions of the Red Box and only ONE is compatible with Win8...Which one do you have?


(back of box - lower right corner)



What exactly happens?


Is it at this point:




Do you get a Red 'X' instead of the check mark? Note the the CD Key is on the back of the CD Sleeve, not the back of the box as it says ^_^

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I also need help with the exact problem as above. I bought my Roxio easy CD & DVD burning/EU from Currys PC World on 29th Aug. 2013, ( in th UK), It is a RED box for Windows 8, Windows 7,Vista & XP. Although it does not have an actual Date on the Disk or box, the Copyright is 2004-2011. I have just decided to install my new Roxio as I have move over to my new computer Windows 7 from XP, and I get as far as CUSTOMER INFORMATION WINDOW and inserting the Product Key when I get the big Red X and invalid Key comes up. I have managed to Register the product with Roxio but still cannot install it. Could you please help me?

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