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Toast 10 Won't Burn Dvd+Rws (Dvd+Rw - Not Writable)



I have Toast 10.0.9 Titanium installed under Mac OS 10.8.4 Mountain Lion on an Intel Core i5 iMac. I'm certain that I've burned video to a DVD+RW in the last several months without a problem but today I tried to burn a disc and got the error "DVD+RW - not writable".




I tried changing the burning speeds but it didn't affect anything. I can't figure out why this would suddenly be happening. DVD+RW is in the profiles list for Toast 10. Here's my burner's specs:



Firmware: 4AH5 / MMC-3


As a test, I created a burn folder on the desktop and was then able to successfully burn it to a DVD+RW without any problem. I also inserted a CD-R and a DVD-R, both of which Toast 10 had no problem with. Any idea why Toast 10 would suddenly stop supporting DVD+RW?

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I actually just finished testing some other discs right after I made this post. It comes down to the brand of the media but it's a bit inconsistent. Verbatim discs are definitely working the best, in fact, they always seem to work.


The problem I reported was happening with a Maxell DVD+RW but the OS didn't have the same problem Toast was having. A few other Maxell discs did appear to register properly with Toast but I decided to toss them and go with Verbatim.


I also tested a Memorex DVD+RW. Not only did Toast have a problem with it (it froze) but my entire system had a problem with it. Choked up a bunch of apps, wouldn't eject and I had to restart.


Lesson here, folks, go with Verbatim for DVD+RWs, at least. I never have any issues with Maxell DVD-Rs.

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