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The Patch, Or Update


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I have been using Creator 6 for a while now, but for a couple of months, my computer was not working, so when I had it fixed for other reasons, a box came up on the screen while I was in Creator 6, saying I can update. I clicked on the o.k. button, and it seemed like it was downloading the update. As it says something like only 1.2% completed, and it would not continue. So I went into the Roxio internet site, and tried to do the patch, or an update, and internet said if I was to download I may get a virus. It did say I needed a few things updated, example the engine. I decided not to try the update as I didn't want to get a virus, as this is why it was in the repair shop in the first place. The software was not working properly, even after I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. Sometimes it would burn to c.d., and sometimes would not. I even tried D.V.D., I was going through those pretty fast, expensive. So I decided to install Easy Media Creator 8. I am still working on how to create slideshows with images, etc. But with a little help from the discussion groups it may be possible. I think I like Creator 6 better then Creator 8 so far, just wish I could have been able to download the update. Do you think it was because my 1 year warranty was up, and Roxio would not let me update. Does anyone know about these problems?



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Does anyone know about these problems?




Hi Judy,

Can you post a bit of info on the computer you have including (ie: windows Xp Service pack 2?)

and and other info like video card , make model of dvd burner, as this helps in the commenting of

any issues you have,

On the side of Version 6 ver's Version 8, this is a personal like or dislike, i was a 6/7 user and after a slight

learning curve i now see what a awsome product version 8 is over 6, but that is my thoughts only.

do place that ifo on your system and let some of these bright sparks here try to help you.

have fun.. :)

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