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Toast 11.1 Will No Longer Capture Web Video



Just recently my Toast 11.1 lost the ability to capture video. I know that in the past that there have been issues with Flash Player.

My wife has Toast 11.1 as well as Toast 10 on her laptop. Her Toast 11.1 has also lost the ability to capture web video.

However, her Toast 10 will still capture web video. What's going on? Any ideas? Is there any possibility it has something to do

with the browser, i.e. Google Chrome or Safari or Firefox. Or is it once again compatibility issues with Flash player?

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I just checked and the video capture worked with the top video at vimeo.com. It haven't seen anything work on youtube for a long time. It seems very picky about what it will capture so it isn't very useful. This is a case where some other applications are a better choice.

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