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I have a problem with Toast Titanium 10. I want to burn a DVD, but the quality always gets really bad, which is weird. Toast is usually able to compress huge files and maintain good quality but now it’s not working for me.


When I have it set to automatic compression and drag the file into Toast it only takes 341MB of the DVD. The file I want to burn is a .mov file that is 5GB and has a bit rate of 123.12 mbit/s. It’s a full-HD file with a DNxHD codec.


How can I get Toast to use all of the disc space? I’m not finding how to do it under the custom settings? I don’t want to compress the original file because it always loses quality when I try to make it in to a H.264 or similar.


Many thanks!

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A video DVD is standard definition so there will be a significant loss from a high-definition source. You don't say how long the video is. To fill up a DVD at the maximum-allowable bit rate the video needs to be an hour long when the audio is PCM. Toast's default if for Dolby Digital audio so that means about 1 hour and 20 minutes of video are needed to fill a DVD. Something doesn't sound right about your source video. I can't imagine its bit rate is actually 123.12 Mbps. The maximum bit rate for the Blu-ray disc format is 16 Mbps. My camera shoots HD video at about 14 MBps. I'm unfamiliar with a DNxHD codec. Maybe Toast is not able to decode that codec properly. Toast works best with the QuickTime codecs supplied by Apple as those are what Toast uses to read most videos.

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Thanks for the answer! The film is about 6 min long. The DNxHD codec is the Avid HD codec, much like Apples prores. I converted the file into a prores to se if it would work better with Toast but i had the same problem but now i see that the bit rate was really high on that one to. So i'm guessing the bit rate is the problem then, i'll export another file with a lower bit rate and see if that makes any difference.

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