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Other Products Similar To Roxio Photoshow



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Are there other products similar to Roxio photoshop ? It seems simple but is it an application that will be discontinued? Is it still reasonably popular? My music is all on cd's. Can they be converted to MP3 format and if so how?...Thanks


Do you mean PhotoShow?


First, you will not get any suggestions for other software since you posted on a Roxio/Corel sponsored web site. Also we are not privy to any decisions made by Roxio or Corel. My guess is that there will never be an completely new version of PhotoShow. Who knows how long the web site will be available. They are still taking one year memberships.


The program is OS neutral so it works on any version of Windows. The web site will work with Apple OS.


I don't have any sales figures for PhotoShow. How do you propose for us to tell you if it is reasonably popular? It is for the people who want this type of program and don't want to work hard to product something that looks good.


You would need a program to rip the cds to your computer and then convert the wav files to mp3. I can suggest some pay for programs if you really want to know or you can just Google for one.


Have you tried the free version to see if it is what you want or if it is too limited?

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I have tried the trial version of Roxio Photoshow ans agree it is very limited.My mention of its popularity was more related to ":are people still applying and/or renewing it" .You have been very helpful to me in deciding to enroll in it as it is not expensive and you mention earlier that you could supply some installation tips.I assume these would be applicable to installation using the DVD....

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