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Blank Screen On Output

PC Gameboy


I'm trying to capture my Desktop PC monitor via my Laptop PC so my PC gameplay can be streamed (I'm playing using the Desktop PC while the Laptop PC is supposedly t be merely capturing my gameplay & streaming it online or capturing it for YouTube) but I'm running into a problem with getting my Roxio & my USB Video Capture device to talk to one another


Here's my setup as it stands now.....


DESKTOP PC - Roxio Gamecap HD Pro with standard RCA & HDMI cables plugged into the OUTPUT jacks (The other end of the RCA cable being plugged into my ION Audio Video 2 PC MKII USB Video Capture Device while the other end of the HDMI cable is plugged into the back end of my Desktop PC)


LAPTOP PC the aforementioned ION Video 2 PC capture device plugged in via USB


It doesn't matter how I try to connect everything. I've checked, rechecked, rechecked & checked again OVER & OVER AGAIN & no matter what I do, I can't get game video from my Desktop PC to show up on my Laptop PC. If it matters much, the RCA cable only has the standard Red, white & Yellow jacks (As that's all there is on the ION itself) as opposed to the 5 jacks the Roxio has


Do i need to get a 5 jack RCA cable in order for the two to work? What else do I need to do/get?




Cheers :)

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It never will work that way...


Your Ion Device is Analog and the RGC Deice only works with Digital...

(Technically, 'Component' is analog but it IS NOT Composite)


What should work is having the RGC Software on your Laptop and connect it to the RGC Device with USB.


Then run HDMI from your PC to the RGC Device.


Your Monitor will then need HDMI (?) from the pass through of the RGC Device.

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Tried connecting the RGC to the Laptop & the ION to the Desktop too & it didn't work


Looks like i got the WRONG USB VCD then :(


(Thank you Best Buy - You were a real help - NOT this time so it would seem)


One last trick I might try is connecting the RGC to my TV via component cable (I have a spare HDMI slot on the TV but I need to save that for when I get my Playstation) & connect the RGC to the ION & see if that will work (Yeah it'll take up my TV for PC gaming but my Playstation gaming will do that anyway)


An alternative to plugging the component cable directly into my TV would be o plug it into my DVD or (Most likely since it's on even when the TV is off) my cable box as this would keep things on the TV just the way they are (As far as I know& can tell, all the neccssary jacks are available on the cable box)


Would either of those do the trick?


EDIT It should also be noted that my Laptop PC doesn't have the CPU horsepower to play all but maybe two of my PC games (The two exception being Star Defender 4 which I think my Laptop can easily handle & Alien Arena but I'm not as confident about the Laptop's ability to handle this one) on my Playstation. If I have to use my Laptop PC for gameplay, I'm gonna have to hope I can put Planetside 2 on my Playstation (Which I should be able to do since Sony is the developer) & PRAY I can find Playstation versions of Alien Hallway, Alien Shooter 2, Alien Terminator Deluxe, Alien Wars, Deadly Stars, Galaxy Invaders, Galaxy Strike, Star Shooter & StarRage too


If this can't be done in whole or in part, I'll likely have to just do without (That would be sad to do as I really like Planetside 2 & am SHOCKED in a way yet also glad to see that Sony hasn't seen the need to put it on store shelves ;) )


Cheers :)

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