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Can't See Visual On Monitor! Help!

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I bought my Roxio Game Capture HD off Amazon.co.uk. It arrived two days ago, I plugged it in using the HDMI cable and hoped that I could make a gameplay and upload it to my YouTube channel. Then I realised that Xbox 360s don't support two outputs at the same time. (I'm using a monitor as my TV using the Xbox to VGA cable) so I went and bought a HDMI to DVI to come out of the Game Cap to plug into my DVI socket on my monitor. I can see and hear the Xbox screen in the Game Capture software (with some delay) but as soon as I go to the DVI input on the monitor I just get a blank screen, It is picking up a signal because it isn't saying 'No Signal'. I just get a black screen. I have tested the cable by using my HDMI output from my computer, and plugging it into my monitor. It is just the Game Capture going to the monitor that it doesn't like.


This is the screen on my computer:



Thanks again,



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It might do the job, and it might not, even though it say's it supports HDCP.


Most passive devices (has no power to it (electricity), don't do the job.


One like this http://www.amazon.co...computers_1Â Â will.


If you try the passive one , make sure that you can return it if it does not work.


Of course there is a significant price difference between the two units.

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Ok, so I have the same old problem again, even when I use the HDCP HDMI to VGA. It worked for ages, then suddenly when I unplugged it all and took it to a mates house it worked while I was there but when I got back to use it on my non HDMI monitor, I get the black screen again. If I am on the VGA setting on my monitor it is black but occasionally I get a green flicker of the Xbox dashboard. I have attached pictures this time to help you diagnose the problem.





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Your Monitor most likely needs the HDCP signal and your HDMI to DVI does not provide it... There are a lot that will BUT you have to confirm they will do that before you buy them ;)


Plan B:


Get the Capture Software running and ready to 'Start Capture' (like your picture above)


Use the HDMI from the RGC to your Monitor.


Use the Hot Keys on your PC to Start or Stop your Capture while you are playing the game.

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