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Roxio Game Capture Failure To Display On Tv

BR Interloper


Greetings forum regulars, stalkers, and everyone else.


I recently dusted off my Roxio Game Capture set after re-arranging my living space to bring my Xbox360 and computer close enough together to start recording. I purchased the product a long time ago, and last time I used it, it worked perfectly.


However, now I am having an issue. While the Game Capture is plugged in, there is no video or audio output to my television set. However, there is output to the PC that the device is attached to. This output, though, is very washed out and super-bright, to the point where the colors and images look terrible.


I have looked at some of the common troubleshooting topics at this site, and none seem to address the issue that I am having. Here are the things I have checked so far:


1. Is my TV set to the correct input. (I only have one set of component hook-ups for the TV, so, yes.)

2. Are all the component cables properly hooked up. (Yes, they are. I know there is an issue with the pack-in instructions with the connections not being displayed properly, this is not the problem either.)

3. Is the Xbox360 set to display an HD output or SD output. (HD, 720p, widescreen, as per the specifications on the "optimal display settings" video on the Game Capture home site.)


I am more than a little annoyed at this, partially because the whole idea of re-arranging my setup was to be able to utilize this device, and partially because apparently, Roxio (or whoever the company is that bought them, Corel maybe?) expects me to pay $25 for a "premium service ticket" just to even ADDRESS the issue. (Incidentally, this is BEYOND ridiculous as far as I am concerned.)


Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this malfunction?

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I have the same issue. My TV says "No Signal" when xbox is hooked up to the Roxio but when xbox is hooked up directly to the tv the display is fine. It worked fine last evening but only after uninstalling and reinstalling Roxio software. So my son's question is do we have to uninstall and reinstall Roxio software every time we want to use it? Obviously all the cables are connected right since it was working last evening. The only thing that changed was that we turned the xbox and the computer off. Since last Christmas I have purchased my son a new computer that met the specs of the Roxio game capture pro, a new TV and just yesterday I had to purchase a new xbox because when I finally got the Roxio to work his xbox coincidentally wouldn't play any game discs at all. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. This has become the most frustrating item to get to work that I have ever purchased for my son. The Roxio screen on the computer looks okay. It shows that there is no signal from the xbox though but it looks like everything was installed correctly. It was working last evening. I don't know what could have happened between then and now to make it stop.

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