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Closed Dvd Dl Seen As Open




I have a PowerDirector 11 to burn AVCHD video and it has editing abilities using Dual Layer DVD disc's.


Anyway it seems easier/faster to copy the disc using Roxio NXT instead of going through the process of burning another copy from PD. For some reason Roxio NXT does not see the Dual Layer Disk as being Closed and displays it as an open disk.. Cyberlink says that any single or dual layer disk is closed when it finishes the burning.


Does anyone have an idea why it see the Dual Layer as open? Single Layer are seen as a closed disc.




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It has to do with the disc, ONLY DVD-R or DVD+R can be finalized...


Here are 2 samples created in Roxio:



(avchd project)



(dvd movie - multi edits before closed...)



I swear there was something about some versions not reading correctly but I don't seem to have a note on that??? Maybe someone will jump in and jog my memory ;)


RW discs can never be Finalized but since there is no such thing in DL, I know that is not the case here :lol:


I am curious, other than not seeing what you expected, is there any issue here?

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PowerDirector does allow for 'Producing' the video so I will experiment with importing into Roxio to see how it burns to the Dual Layer disc.


I was using the Roxio 'Copy Disc' feature to do the copy, speeds up the copy/burning by 10 minutes over burning another copy directly from Powerdirector.


If the dual Layer can not be finalized how does that affect playback on other devices, since I do get that message about non-finalized disc could have problems.


I have not noticed any issues playing on my Blu Ray Player with these disc. I have made some video for work requiring Dual Layer being send out to different locations and have not had any reports of the disc not playing. Those were standard MPEG DVD not AVCHD but still burned on Dual Layer (what they provided).


Below is a pic of what I see from the program


Thanks to all providing information.





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Below is a response from Cyberlink on the PowerDirector/Roxio issue of Dual Layer disc showing 'Open'.




Dear James,


Thank you for writing back.


I would like to inform you that every software have different-different standard for making and burning to the disc same follow for Roxio and PowerDirector. In PowerDirector after burning Video DVD 4.7 Or 8.5 GB disc it will automatically closed.



Thanks and Regards,



CyberLink Technical SupportBelow is a reply from PowerDirector on the issue at hand.

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Cyberlink says the disk is closed. But the Roxio software shows it as open.


I can only assume compatablity issue between each of the two programs


Below is a pic of the disk from 'Get Info' from Roxio. As you can see it says 'Open' this is the only reason to believe there is an issue.


Attempting to understand the 'Why' of the whole issue. It does play on the Blu Ray Player and I guess that is the bottom line.




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Yes it is a curious situation...


What does the disc structure look like?


With Open DVD Movies (VR) you have a extra folder, VIDEO_RM:





The 'normal' structure for an AVCHD on DVD looks like this:




But IF I wanted to make an Open AVCHD Project, I would not really have any idea how I could go about it :lol:


I am starting to think that Roxio is just misreading the disc -_-


Something you might want to try is creating a Folder Set in Power Director then use Roxio's Burn Data Disc (Data/Copy tab) to burn the folders. It recognizes various video formats and correctly Authors the disc. This is how I normally make my AVCHD and BD projects ;)

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