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Videowave Has Stopped Working - Just Bought The Software



Just purchased and installed Roxio Video Lab HD

Installation ran without any issues and all updates where applied automatically.

First time launch, I selected Edit Video - advanced option, which caused the program to crash :


VideoWave has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

Windows will close the program and notify you is a solution is available


Hardware : ThinkPad W500


O/S: Windows 7 with all latest patches applied

Other SW installed: CS5, LightRoom, a lot of plug-ins for CS5, plus a lot more


Any hints ?


Thanks in advanced

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I've attached the dxdiag as requested

Hope that can help getting a solution ...


Thanks in advance

I looked at the dxdiag report and in a quick look your video drivers are very old (in computer age). See if you can get a video chip driver from Levono. Yours is pretty old and may give you a problem Did you have your antivirus active during the install? Some of them sometimes causes all kinds of issues including not allowing some of the registry entries to be made properly. Do this, (link) and then put the disc back into your computer with the antivirus off or paused and see if you have the option to repair (or reinstall). And follow the instructions for your display that Bruce posted.
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Same problem .... nothing changed


- Driver updated :

ATI Technologies Inc.



- DPI set to 100%

- haven't tried the reinstall / repair; the virus protection is 'just' standard Windows Defender, and as no errors or warnings were displayed during installation, I really doubt, that could cause be the problem, but - if you really believe it may solve the problem, I'll give it a try


Anyway, I've just discovered that the latest, free software from (another company) gives a pretty good tool for edit, optimize, cut and merge videos, so I'm thinking whether or not, I really need this +50$ program ...


If I can get it fixed, I'm still in with Roxio

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