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Moved Computer - Now It Doesnt Worksplit From Unrelated Thread)



I have a standard Roxio game capture and its not working. I have been using it for a long time and im not a noob, but I recently had to unplug everything because I was moving rooms, now when I open Roxio's capture stuff, the thing says Ready, but the screen preview is glitching out super hard, it changes colors and gets pixelated, I can usually see a art of the screen which is fine but the rest is very glitchy. if anyone has had this prob, It would be much appreciated if you show me how to fix it. Thanks

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Haven't seen this myself, but things that come to mind...


Are you now using a different USB cable?

Are you plugged into a different USB port? (ie are you using a port on the front of the PC rather than the rear?)

Are you going through a USB hub now?


Basically, any differences from the original set up. Simply moving the PC shouldn't cause a problem, it's likely a connection issue somehow.

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