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"ready" On Computer, "no Signal" On Tv



Ok, so I myself have a Roxio Game Capture HD and mine works just fine. My brother however just recently bought one and installed everything correctly. When he starts up the software it says "Ready" and the preview screen shows exactly what's on the xbox. However, the tv is not picking up a signal. It is connected with HDMI and the software is set to record in 720p which is what the xbox is set to output. My brother's computer and tv are the same exact make/model as mine. I thought maybe his HDMI cables were bad so I took mine out of my Roxio and plugged them into his, no luck. So by the fact that we can see the xbox on the preview screen of the capturing software, I think it's safe to assume it is installed correctly. When the Roxio was plugged in the first time, the driver for it did install and I allowed the program through the firewall. Any suggestions since I've tried anything and everything. Again, in summary, "Ready" on the software but "No Signal" on the tv.

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If it works on your PC then, It Works ;)


Roxio's through put adds an HDCP coding... TV's that do not have hdcp coding in their circuits, will report it as No Signal.


Solution is pretty simple, an HDMI splitter needs to be added BEFORE the RGC Input.


So it will be:

HDMI from Xbox to Splitter


HDMI from Splitter to:


1. RGC

2. TV


The "Splitter" may become an issue :(


Make sure that it brags about having HDCP support or that you can return it.


I don't have any to recommend :huh:


I am Leary of Passive ones (cheaper) due to the HDCP...


Let me know what you find!

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The tv itself says "No Signal" on the screen, and there is only 1 HDMI input for the tv. I'm leary of getting a splitter since we have the same exact everything. Our tv's are the same, laptops are the same and we both have the Game Capture HD. I thought it could be his HDMI cables so I used the ones that work on mine and I got nothing. When he doesn't use the Roxio, the xbox shows up fine on his tv. So I know it can't be an issue with the tv. Would a splitter really fix the issue?

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Yeah I tried that earlier today, still won't work. I have no clue what could be the issue.

Then it is most likely that your TV's Are Not the same... Check the Model Number (on the set) and serial numbers. Model Numbers must be Exactly the same and SN should be very close ;)


Another test for that would be to swap the TV's.

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