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Same Audio Buzzing Problem



So, like I replied in another post. I have an audio buzzing problem, consistently throughout audio. If you search these forums you constantly are told its about feedback from other nearby electronics which isn't true.


On my first install, I noticed I had an audio device in my sound options which allowed me to change the volume and tweak the audio quality of my device. Lowering the audio quality from an unsupported bitrate fixed the buzzing noise. However after coming back to my capture card on a new system, I no longer have control over any of its audio other than to turn it up.


I need to get my capture card to be displayed as an audio device but have no clue as to how I would go about it. Using roxio or windows to install drivers doesn't place a device in my sound menu anymore.


Worst of it all is I wanted to get a video of a game made before release but the audio buzzing is completely destroying footage and is unprofessional.

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It is NOT a device that will show up in Mixer, not going to happen.


This "buzzing" only seems to show up for a few folks, which indicates it is user induced...


Or more likely something the user has done it an attempt to tweak their system ;)


You had it appear on two different systems, I have installed it on 3 different systems (XP, Win7 & Win8) and never have heard a buzz :huh:


All of my Video and Audio Card settings are left at their Stock Defaults. Likewise I have never installed any software that is alleged to enhance performance...


I don't know that this is THE answer, but it seems like the place to start :D

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Like I said, I have at one point had it in my audio devices. I know this isn't intended with a normal install but (for some reason) on my laptop it showed up as a randomly named device, some spam of letters and numbers which I renamed to Roxio Game Capture. The buzzing noise was completely removed by changing the audio bitrate, this is not caused by computers as I can move it away from any interference and have experienced FIXING the problem before, it seems like on certain peoples systems the device defaults to an unsupported audio quality.


Replying while ignoring my post saying i've already had a situation in which the problem was fixed through my OS, it isn't user induced. I saw a post with a guy linking a video with EXTREMELY clear background noise and you yourself replied you can't hear anything, I don't see you as an authority to judge any quality issues when you mostly reply "well mine works, it must be you or the order in which you installed it".


The hardware has almost none existant support, they've supplied such little support since release its ridiculous. Other devices would add tweaks to support other file types, customisable audio sources and support for streaming/editing software but this thing has had nothing. I shouldn't have to use avidemux or some other conversion software to get my video files usable, their whole purpose is to be usable from the get-go. Users are limited to the.. limited editing software provided. No wonder the roxio hasn't held any 2nd hand worth whereas every other device has.


Think i'm just going to sell this junk and move on to something else.

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