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I Get This Message When I Try To Start The App - Your Videocard Will Now Be Profiled


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Every time I try to run a Video program (MyDVD, or VideoWave) I get this message:


"Your Videocard will now be profiled in order to tune the application for optimal performance on your system"


I press OK and then Nothing .... i am still at the main menu and nothing happens ...


Now this is frustrating...I NEED this program to work and I've updated drivers and tried just about everything outside of buying a new video card.


No black box with numbers and zooming in and out

can't go around it...


Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by AMD

Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series

Device ID 6719

Vendor ID 1002

Subsystem ID E186

Subsystem Vendor ID 174B

Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express 2.0

Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express 2.0 x16

BIOS Version

BIOS Part Number 113-4E18600-S42

BIOS Date 2010/12/15

Memory Size 2048 MB

Memory Type GDDR5

Core Clock in MHz 800 MHz

Memory Clock in MHz 1250 MHz

Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte/s 160.0 GByte/s


here are some system info:

amd 6400 dual core

8 mega memory

win 7 64 bit ultimate - fully updated

latest Ver Amd Catalyst

Active X 11 - fallowing your advice i run the dxdiag.exe and got en 2 error massages :


Dear Digital Guru

Any idea how to solve this issue ?

thanks in advance for the help & support


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No black box with numbers and zooming in and out?


What happens if you select not to tune? Can you get around that message? If you can, go into the top menu on either of those select tools, options and then software. If that works, then you can run the program. At some later date - when you don't have a deadline, you can go back and try hardware encoding. Hardware makes more use of your video card so the encoding may be faster. Some people think that hardware gives a poorer visual quality.


By the way, did you do all of this before you tried to install the software?


Edit: Just checking, did you download and install a beta driver for your Radeon? Those can do bad things


Edit (again) Please provide this information.

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