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I Can Only Cap 720P At Best



So as the title says, I know for sure that for PS3 the highest is up to 1080i, but it doesn't show under my "options".


I have a gut feeling it has got to do with my tv because it is only a HD ready set, if it is then I just answered my own question.


Also,what is the best bitrate because sometimes my videos can be captured at 60FPS and other times at 30FPS without me doing anything.


Sorry for the lack of knowledge but all these technical stuff I am bad.


If it helps you judge better you can view some of my videos at : http://www.youtube.com/user/CloneCoalition21


Any advice would be appreciated.

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What you should know...


The RGC will capture at whatever it is sent. It can't capture greater than the incoming signal.


YouTube changes files depending on your type of account and the file size.


Your TV has Nothing to do with it!




not all games are made at 1080


Interlaced and Progressive determine the frame rate - 60 Progressive is equal to 30 interlaced.

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Now for some odd reason I have the option for 1080i. But tried recording one round with that and I see alot of interlaced lines whenever the camera angle changes.


That may be from Cut Scenes...


Most users will get a black screen when they are encounted though. Try some other games as well as a DVD or BD Movie to see what happens ;)

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