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Roxio Recording Too Many Frames Per Second



So this hasn't been an issue until I tried recording BF3 and GTA V on PS3.


Since these games run at 720p default at 30fps (and I can't change this except for lowering it to 480p on the PS3) When I capture these games the roxio tries to capture with 720p 60fps but the game is only outputting 30fps.


This is making the video VERY blurry compared to what it looks like on my television.


I assume it is because the roxio is creating extra frames and just plopping them into the footage creating a double image.


Is there any way to set the Roxio to record at 720p 30fps instead of 60fps?


I've tried setting the PS3 to output 1080i or 1080p to force the roxio to record 720p 30fps but as these games are native 720p the PS3 launches them in 720p regardless of my presets in the PS3 settings.

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I came to this conclusion after a bit of trialing haha.


I ran the ps3 in 1080p on the dash/home menu and recorded 720p (forcing 30fps). Clear as anything.


Set the ps3 dash at 720p, blurry.


Only difference in the files on my pc is that properties say the clear one is 30fps and the blurry is 60/59fps.


Although I am hoping it's something else, otherwise I guess I'll just have to record games that either scale up to 1080p so I can force 30fps or only record 60fps games like CoD :P or Start using my 360 cause it can upscale any game >_<


Thanks for the reply and I'm glad you're looking into this with/for me :D

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I don't have a PS 3 but I know this... You can set the output HOWEVER it will never actaully be output at that setting IF the source is less than the setting1


Likewise, the RGC Capture software will never capture at a quality that is greater than the input it receives!


I hooked a DVD Player and it used the '480i' profile, you can see that it capture at 720 X 480 Interlaced. That was the output from the DVD Player.








I think you should try a DVD Movie in the PS 3 and see what it does???


Likewise, hook up a DVD Player or better yet a BD Player so you can try it with a known quality device and different qualities of media ;)

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Well I tried recording a DVD and it came out 720 by 576i at 50fps and that came out fine, so I see how it changes the captured framerate according to the source but I guess this just means that GTA V and BF3 on PS3 just don't want to play nice.


For some reason the roxio just wants to record GTA V at 720p 59fps even though the game is locked at 30fps and sometimes runs under that. :(


Well I'm going to be away for a bit where I won't have any internet, I'll bring my PS3 and laptop and keep fiddling with settings to see if I can get it right while I'm away.

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