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Videowave Has Stopped Working - Resolved


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I submitted the following warranty request to Corel and below that I have placed the solution they provided, which fixed my problem. I thought other users may be able to benefit from this.

"I have Roxio Creator NXT Pro installed on my system and whenever I try to start VideoWave or MyDVD I

receive the error “VideoWave has stopped working” and I must shut down the program. When I originally

installed Roxio NXT on my system (with administrator rights) it worked fine. I even created a DVD with

MyDVD. I first became aware of this p roblem when I tried to run MyDVD again, with the intent of authoring

another DVD. I am running Windows 7 SP1 on a Pentium 4 3.60GHz system. I didn’t make any changes to

my system (software or hardware) before this problem started, other than Windows updates. Here are the

steps I have tried to correct the problem, with no success. Attempted repair from Control Panel, Programs and

Features from clean boot multiple times (5 or 6) with no luck. Uninstalled Roxio NXT and attempted to reinstall

using Roxio Cleaner from clean boot with administrator rights multiple times. The installation failed and rolled

back every time. I used up my 10 installs and had to request my Product Key to be reset. I attempted to

reinstall again with no luck. After this, I restored my system from a drive image to at least get the installed

Roxio NXT back. I then tried a repair from a clean boot with admin rights 4 times and still VideoWave does not

work. Please tell me how I can get Roxio Creator NXT Pro MyDVD and VideoWave working properly again on

my system. Thank you." And here is the fix Corel provided. One note; the Creator NXT Pro would not install under the new user account I created, but it did install properly under my original administrator account, I guess the repairs to DirctX, MSXML and .NET Framework did the trick.

Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support.

Here's what I can recommend.

1. Remove Roxio on your current account.

2. Create a new admin account.

3. Clear temp files and make sure to turn off Antivirus and Firewall 4. Repair or reinstall this following plugins

DirectX, MSXML 4.0 and .NET Framework



Go to control panel and then locate and uninstall Microsoft .NET framework.

Reinstall .NET framework from the link below.


5. Install Roxio NXT on the new user admin account

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No one can see your post, if you click on the Topic Solved button. When you are the only one who posted, it disappears.


Edit: It actually disappears, if you click on the Topic Solved button at the bottom of the first post, no matter how many people posted in a thread.

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ok... what user account? Roxio? Microsoft? the PC user account?

Because if I create a new Admin User on my PC, won't that mess with all my other programs?


Why don't you start your own Topic and explain your issue in detail instead of trying to resurrect a Topic that is nearly a year old :huh:

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