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Error While Writing Format


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I have tried to burn a MP3video as ACHD but when finished I get the Message: Project_Build To Device() Author Script anrop feilet. Error while writing Format. Can anyone tell me what to do?


First of all there is no such thing as mp3Video or did you mean mp4?


Please explain with some detail exactly what you are doing

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Create a folder set and then use Video Copy and Convert to burn the folders to the disc. When you go to burn using Create DVD, uncheck the burn to disc and select folder set, noame it and put it somewhere on your system drive that you can get to it easily.


Remember that you can only get about 40 minutes on an AVCHD disc ; putting more on will result in all kinds of quality issues. You can get 60 minutes of best quality standard video on a DVD; any more and you will get reduced quality.

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Sorry - Mp4 is right. I have a roxio Creator NXT on my Laptop and I choose Create DVDs - and AVCHD. I add my Movie from a harddisc and it starts, it seems to go ok. But when finished the Movie isnt burned to the DVDdisc and I get this error message.


in addition to what sknis posted ... you will of course need a BluRay player to play the AVCHD DVD


How long in time is that mp4 movie you are adding?

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Thank you, Digital Gurues, I was'nt confused and followed the instruction all the way - but it did not work. I also tried to edit my video i Pinnacle Studio again, and trid to make it as an AVI-format. But no. Then I tried to burn another video, made in Pinnacle - and it was ok burned as an AVCHD! It was an smaller video, but my "problem-video" cannot be to large?

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