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Roxio Creator Licensing Question

Software Custodian


I work for the Department of National Defense in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.


We have a client that wishes to use Roxio Creator on a multi-user workstation. The client wants the software installed on the workstation so that many users can use the software. To our understanding, the licence agreement stipulates that the software is to be installed on one workstation and the licence is used by the primary user.


What steps are required to allow the client to install the software on the multi-user workstation? Are there any special licences?



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Benefits of Roxio's Volume Licensing Program


vlp-boxes-new.jpgDesigned specifically to meet the needs of business, government organizations, educational and charitable organizations; Roxio's Volume Licensing Program offers the cost effective way to purchase and standardize on Roxio software products with convenient and legal installation on multiple computers.

Roxio Volume Licensing Program offers:

  • Flexible Licensing Options (Single Enterprise License or Departmental License)
  • Low Entry Cost
  • Single License to Manage
  • Customizable (install switches)
  • Scalable to Meet Your Needs
  • Multi Platform (Independent)
  • Simple Network Deployment (SMS)
  • 10 Years of Expertise in Digital Media Software

Upgrade Assurance. Roxio Delivers OS Compliance and Supports the Next Generation Peripherals Today:


Because multimedia technology and the IT environment changes and improves constantly, new OS (Windows® 7 or Mac OS®), new media (Blu-ray DVD / HD DVD) and new multimedia formats, it is essential that you protect your initial investment with the upgrade assurance included in our premium maintenance package.

Premium Software Maintenance. Get FREE Upgrades*, Including Version Changes, Plus:

  • Dedicated Direct Support Phone Line
  • Priority Email Support Service
  • Access to the Support Knowledgebase
  • Dedicated FTP Site for Downloading Updates
  • Includes Version Flexibility (Upgrade AND Downgrade)

*Upgrade is only possible via the optional Roxio maintenance program.

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