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Burning Dvd In Toast 9, Video Is Grainy-Help



I am using toast 9.0.7 on an IMac, running OS 10.8.4 I recently edited a few movies recorded using mini dv tapes & Sony VX2000 & PD170 camcorders.

Footage looks great on my monitor, but upon burning a dvd, the playback is grainy, like watching an old VHS tape on LP.

Length of dvds is between 90 & 105 minutes. whether I playback the dvds on a HD Plasma tv using a blueray player or an old tube tv in 4:3 and a decent quality regular dvd player,

The picture looks grainy.

In my Toast settings I use best quality, etc.

Am I doing something wrong?

I'm thinking of upgrading to Taost 11 or 11 pro, but first I have to get around this issue.


Also can you burn a blue ray dvd even though you didn't shoot HD footage?


Thank in advance fo rall replies.

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It should look pretty much the same at actual size as playing the source video file at actual size. I doubt if updating to Toast 10 or 11 will make a difference because those use the same MPEG 2 encoder. You can go to Toast's custom encoder settings window (I think this involves clicking the More... button, then Encoder tab and Custom button) and manually choose your average and maximum bit rates while also marking the Half-Pel button. Make sure you have Dolby Digital selected as audio and not PCM. Don't set the average bit rate higher than 7.


When done with that choose Save as Disc Image instead of clicking the burn button. That way if bit rate is too high for a single-layer disc you can still use Toast's Fit-to-DVD feature in the Toast Copy window to make it fit. You burn a .toast disc image using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window.


There isn't much else I can think to do. Toast should work extremely well converting DV video to DVD.


You can burn standard-def video as a Blu-ray disc but it will still be standard-def. Some people have done this so they can have more video on one disc but it doesn't improve quality or picture size.

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