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Michael _0012


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Hi, does anyone know how to do a screen shot in Roxio? I can't find it in the index :( do they still allow you to do a screen shot?


It is unclear what you are asking.

1-Do you want to "attach" a screen shot to your post?

2-Do you want to use Roxio to take a shot of your screen?

3-Do you want to use Roxio to take a snapshot of a video playing while you are working with a Roxio program?


#1 and #3are possible but Roxio cannot do #2 nor could it ever.

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I am trying to take a photo of a video I'm watching I thought it was called screen capture but I can't seem to find a way to do it and nothing in the help section either :(


You are posting in the General Forum. What Roxio software do you have? When you let us know, someone can move it to the proper forum, which isn't this one.

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