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Editing With Final Cut Pro Possible?



I have an old video Camara (Panasonic MC20) that uses the old VHSC (Pal) type of cassettes. The camera has the yellow (video) and white (audio) out plugs (female) to transfer the video out of the camera. I can successfully connect the camera to a modern TV through this out connections. I have around 30 VHSC (Pal) cassettes from my family that I would like to archive and edit.


I would like to transfer the contents of the cassettes to my MacBook Pro (Mac OS X Version 10.7.5) in order to (first) archive the videos and (second) edit the videos with Final Cut Pro.




- Can I use the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac? I do not want to directly create a DVD from the cassettes, but to transfer the contents to my hard drive in a compatible format with Final Cut Pro (example mpeg4, I believe) to edit it afterwards.


- The pictures of the connectors of the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac (on the web) seems to be "female" type. In my camera I have "female" connector; thus, I would need "males" connectors to connect the camera with my laptop. Is this available? Is there any adaptor from "female" to "male"?


- From the information about the program, it seems that it is possible to edit the contents in iMovie. What about Final Cut Pro? Is that also possible?


Any other suggestion for my enterprise?


Thanks a lot for any help that you can give me. Regards, Inigo

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Roxio made a software change a couple years ago in Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. It now records as either h.264 mpeg-4 or Apple Intermediate Codec rather than the mpeg-2 format used with DVDs. Both import without conversion to Final Cut or iMovie. I recommend using the h.264 setting (which is erroneously called Medium quality) because the file sizes are smaller and the audio is in sync.


The cable is intended to be used with a common patch cord with male connectors at each end. I'm sure you have some that are connecting various audio and video hardware devices to one another.

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