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Trying To Burn Dvd - Error Code 7F037202

myron rudiak


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i am having trouble burning dvd - latest attempt was about 50% done - then stopped with error code 7F037202

can anyone tell me what the problem is ?



Please, a little more explanation. Please confirm that you are using the desktop version of PhotoShow 6.


Are you using both images and video? If video, what is the format and is there one near where the error occurs?

Are you burning to an unformatted DVD? What brand? What speed?

Is there anything else being run on your computer at the same time?

Do you have a rewritable DVD available for testing?


I Googled for that error and could not find anything that came close. How old is your computer/bruner? What is the make and model of the burner? Please post the information in this topic (dxdiag).


It seems like you are having a lot of different problems. When was the last time you did any real maintenance on your computer and when did you do any updates? The dxdiag file should help us.

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here is additional info :

I am windows xp - firefox browser - using version 6 - desktop

using photo jpeg imagesno video

using memorex dvd rw- 4x -new discs 120 min 4.7/GB/Go

nothing else running during burn - using medium speed - time about 6 hours

yes I have a rewritable disc available for testing-( dont understand this)

the burner is 5 years old - HP DVD writer 1040r

I have burned successfully 2 weeks ago - an earlier version of his show


I have done regular maintenance using AVG and updates are automatic

one major problem which could be the cause - is amount of free space - I have 72 GB - plus external drive

I cleaned and moved files before the burn and I had 10 GB free available when I tried this burn

Suspecting that space is still a problem l analyzed my files in documents and settings on my C drive

and found that I have about 15 copies of my current photo show there

some sized at 570,048 mb and others at 370,516mb - I have opened several and find they all have all the photos and run ok in preview mode

I suspect that evertime I made a change and then saved - I was saving another copy - and updating other saved copies ???

also when I burn unsucesfully - another copy is recorded - I started this last burn with 10GB free and afterI had only 8 GB free ??


so obviously I dont understand the roxio file system very well

I appears that I have to delete or move these files out of the Cdrive to create more free space ???


attaching results of dxdiag.exec - I did not see any problems there in my review



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Didn't we go through this once before with a different error code? Did I suggest that you go here to see if there are updated drivers?


Use Windows Search to find the folder "My PhotoShows" It should be in your "Documents" Folder Delete the ones you don't need anymore top make room for the newer ones.


I thought that you had deleted all the tmp and temp files and then defragged your drive? Use CCleaner (free) to get rid of the temp and tmp files. Use any defragger.


Note: Since you can make a PhotoShow BUT CANNOT BURN it, I think the problem is with your computer rather than anything else. Updated drivers may fix some of the problems. Go here for a firmware update for that burner. Follow the instructions carefully !


Verbatim are below the bottom of the barrel when it comes to quality. I suggested a rewritable disc because if you try that and it hangs, you can erase it and use it again. You cannot reuse a DVD once there is anything on it.


It may be time to find someone locally that will speed up your computer without charging an arm and a leg.


This seems to be Déjà vu all over again.

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