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Anti-Virus And Nxt Pro 2



This is just a heads up, I am using bit-defender and it reports a virus in RoxioCentralFx.exe (I downloaded NXT 2 today from the UK site).

Meanwhile AVG and others give it the all clear - so it looks like some virus scanners are given it a false positive.



This explained my many clashes and installation hangs. :wacko:


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Thanks for this info.


It seems that this requirement to be on-line while installing the more recent Roxio software suites makes it difficult to disable your AntiVirus yet remain safe during the time it takes to install NXT. You're 'between a rock and a hard place' as it were.


How did you manage your install in the end?




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No problem

Because Bitdefender could not clean the file, it flagged the file as non-executable. I just had to add to the list of exclusions in bitdefender (anti-virus settings) after installation, in my case this resolved the exe.


I was a little lucky that it had not tampered with the file, in that case I would have to go throught the loops of disabling the anti-virus during install, adding the exclusions; and depending on how agressive the anti-virus is, it may either involve restoring the exe from a backup once it has been excluded.


Don't like exclusions, but no choice.



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