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Ieee1394 Video/audio Capture



Have Sony DV camera connected to my PC via IEEE1394. When I try to import/capture video (with audio) the vide is fine but the audio is very muffled and lots of static. Listening thru headphones at the same time the audio is crystal clear. Checked devices and "scan for hardware changes", but nothing came up, even on the 1394 card. Unplugged the camera from the 1394 on both ends, change. Naturally was just able to start on this project that is due next Friday and can only work on it evenings. Any advice GREATLY appreciated!!!

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Question-- When you captured the video & audio with your 1394 card, was the video

an "avi" file ? And if so, what program did you use to listen to the captured file ?


Have you tried using a different program to watch and listen to the captured file ?

Or have you tried converting the captured file to another type from what you ended up with ?



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