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Editing Captured Footage With Premiere Pro



I'm not sure where this thread belongs but here will do for now.


I have captured footage using my HD pro and it plays fine in VLC and windows media player as well as roxio's supplied media player, so the capture itself isn't the problem!

I can use the provided software to edit the footage perfectly but the software is; slow and overly complicated and i would prefer to use premiere pro.


When I go to edit my footage in CS6 Premiere Pro the audio gradually becomes more and more out of sync the longer the video goes for.

For example at 1 minute the audio is synced perfectly however as the video plays through by the 30 minute mark it is out of sync by 2 seconds and by the end of the video its about 2.5 seconds out.

There is NO finite point where the audio and video loose sync.

Does any one have a fix for this?


On a side note, I have research the problem and some have said it could be because of the videos bitrates'.

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Thanks for that, I saw the thread but disregarded when I was researching the problem because it only showed a work flow for Sony Vegas.

Well I got it working in Vegas using this process but not premiere pro cs6.

I just gave up on premiere when I found Vegas worked fine, I'll just adjust my usual workflow.


For those looking for a fix with premiere pro cs6, you're going to have a hard time.

Upon inspection I found that the bitrates were the issue with Game Capture HD Pro (GCHP) encoding the raw video into a .m2ts format giving it a variable bitrate for both the audio and the video.

These in consist bitrates cause the audio drifting/lag to occur as Adobe has not programmed Premiere pro to perform such a task.

This cannot be fixed as the GCHP has to use variable bitrates despite a constant one being set in the capture setting.

A user over on the adobe forums posted the details of a copy of the raw video and the data showed the variable bitrate in the raw encoded video, you can have a look here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1180672 and look at the first reply.


Hope this helps anyone looking for more information, but the "fix" is to use Sony Vegas as it can deal with the files after converting the raw footage as the thread Jim posted above a states.

That thread is here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/84041-make-roxio-recorded-files-full-compliant-with-any-video-editor-vegas-power-director-adobe-premiere/

However the same process does NOT work with Premiere pro CS6, I've tried.

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But Neither of these steps are needed if you include the included editor, VideoWave. ;)

(note that a version of VW is used by major studios and none of them use Vegas or Adobe :lol: )


VW will also only output constant rate encoding and I am not too sure that RGC uses variable... but to be honest, I don't know!

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