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Check Out My Mod Of Capture Pro





Since I always get capture crash, frame drop after about 50 mins of recording (an hour if set to 1080p 1500mbps, I decided to open up the little box.

In the box I see NO cooling plate, only a little square steel block on the back of PCB (with a piece of plastic to avoid short circuit) of ARM CPU, nothing on the actual Decoding Chip!!!!

So yea, a very bad way to lower the manufacture cost.

Also based on the "analog devices" chip, it's a good chip supporting way better video format and multi-HDMI capture.

This raise another question, why Roxio game capture pro only support m2ts... well, they didn't pay a lot of attention after the product is released (the software itself is pretty good comparing to other products)

But yea, the fastest way to fix it, pair of notebook dockstation fan.


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But you did raise an interesting consideration...


Perhaps heat is an issue in some of the devices after a period. It would not suprise me that some may be more susceptible to it than others. As we know electronic devices may be made equal but that does not mean that they ARE equal :huh:


Agreed. The heat problem appeared recently, maybe the same time the capture software stopped display image but recording is still fine. Also drop frame is a pain when editing in premiere cause it will just desync over time(not desync in any media player). :D

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