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Problem With Bluray From Toast 10...



So... I am trying to burn a single TV show onto a BluRay disc.

The encoding is in h.264, as I get the infamous error if I try with Apple ProRes encoding (error: -18771).


I did however get Toast to encode when I exported again in h.264.

So, now I've got it finished, and was going to play the disc.


First player:

- Video: Is lagging at intervals of every 1-2 seconds. Almost as if the player has problems keeping up with the bitrate.

- Audio: Completely fine...


Second player:

- Video: Completely fine...

- Audio is out of synch and wont start until it's about 2 min into the video.


I have burned and tested in different bitrates. from 10 Mbit to 20 Mbit.

I have tested everything from .mov to .mp4.

I have tested different codecs (most of wich I have no way of remembering all.

I have tested 1080p25 and 1080i50, even down to 720p25. And it just will not synch.

And I have found no faults with the original source file at all...


As far as I can find, there is alot of errors with the BluRay and HDTV plugin to Toast (and it even seems to have a long history), so I am wondering, should we look for another software solution than Roxio Toast where I work?


Any relevant feedback is appreciated.

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I no longer have the Toast 10 Blu-ray plugin (after updating to Toast 11) so I can't do any testing of this. I also don't have any 25/50 fps videos. I notice on Wikipedia that 25i and 50p are supported for Blu-ray but not 25p and 50i but Toast I don't know what Toast's encoder actually creates. But if Toast is changing the frame rate to 24 or 30 that could explain the audio sync problem. The stuttering could be a bit rate issue but it appears you already did troubleshooting for that. Sorry I'm of so little help.

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Bought Toast 10 pro and it is suppose to have a plug. As far as I can tell it did not load. Now the software disk show an fail to mount message after downloaded upgrade to 10. Is their another product that works on a Mac computer for our school district.

I'm unclear why you didn't start a new topic for this question. The Blu-ray plugin is a separate app to install from the Toast 10 Pro bundle. As for the Toast 10 update downloaded from Roxio's software updates page, perhaps you've encountered the issue where the Mac OS doesn't allow the installer to mount. This is fixed by going to the Security & Privacy panel in System Preferences (you need to be the Mac's Administrator) and change for the moment to allow installation of apps downloaded from "anywhere."

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