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No Signal Display



Hi I have had my Roxio about 10 months now and I had a problem at the start and got it resolved no I have a new problem, I hadn't used it or been on my Xbox for a week and when I finally go on today it says No signal on my TV screen, by the way everything is fine as I said its been fine for 10 months, I haven't installed anything new, also I used the Roxio disc to repair it and it didn't make a difference so I started messing around with the cables and the only way I got it to work was when I put the cables (TV-Xbox) not (Xbox-GameCap-TV-Gamecap), you know the way to set it up using HDMI so I'm really confused and need help please because this means I cant record for my YouTube channel. Please don't tell me my Roxio is broken



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The thing is before it said that there was signal but on the preview screen it was jittering and lines moving around fast and on my TV there was no signal


??? but in the picture in Post #1 it clearly shows Red - No Signal on the RGC Software :huh:


As long as it stays that way, you won't get anything at the Pass Through!

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