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Capturing Widescreen Video



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Not much you can do...


What is really going on is that your "16:9" source is Really in 4:3 and the player/tv were using a little built in trickery to make it look widescreen ;)


With the full suite you could change it a bit but in the end if it fills the screen in one direction (usually side to side) you cannot make it better without cropping :huh:

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What is the source of the video?


1) Analog video (VHS type) is 4 by 3 (normally)

2) Digital tapes are 16 by 9 and must be captured via a firewire. If you try to use a USB connection, the program will think you have a Web camera and will not capture the audio.\

3) If you have a memory stick or hard drive camcorder, then you don;t capture, you copy from the device to your hard drive.


For VHS to DVD, did you go into the setup and select 16 by 9 for menu preferences? That should not affect the video ratio though.


Give us a little more information please.



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I am downloading a programme from my Sky+ satellite receiver using composite video (my model doesn't have S-VHS), the programme is recorded in widescreen but there seems to be no option to select the aspect ration in the recording. Haven't got as far as transferring to DVD yet, most often I just play the downloaded file on my laptop and don't copy to DVD. I do this as I travel a lot and it gives me a video to watch in my hotel room and not to pirate films I should make clear.


I know I can use Cyberlink PowerDirector to change the aspect ratio and re-render the file but was wondering if I can do it in Roxio (either Easy VHS to DVD Plus or NXT 2 - I have both). I seem to remember reading that it is a setting somewhere in the video stream that specifies the aspect ratio but I'm not technical enough to know what that means or if it can be changed.

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Aspect Ratios are Physical LAW... They cannot "be changed"


Now you can alter them but the ONLY 2 choices are:


Black Bars


Cropped Picture (something gets lost)


In VideoWave, start a new 16:9 Project.


Load the Recorded Clip in.


Right click it in there and choose 'Aspect Ratio Handling'


Cycle between the only 2 choices to see what it will cost you in viewing...


Sometimes you can load the clip onto the Overlay Track and manually adjust the size to get a better compromise ;)

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