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Need Help With Coming Up With A Workflow For Reality Television



Hey All,


I work for a Television production company and I am looking for a way to burn DVDs much faster. I know that Toast needs to encode the files first, but what I want to know is if there is a way to skip the encoding process by giving it an already compressed mpeg-2 video source. The workflow I am imagining it to export a quicktime reference (source footage is a 40min sequence @ XDCAM 50mbps) out of Avid. Take it into compressor and transcode using a modified version of the Mpeg-2 for DVD setting, this will also be done by utilizing all 16 cores of my computer. After that I just what to bring it into toast, skip encoding and go straight to burning. Is this possible, I'm new to Toast so I apologize in advanced if this is a dumb question. The goal again is to burn a DVD as fast as possible.

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Multiplexing is very quick. With Compressor you'll get a .m2v and .ac3 file. Add the .m2v to Toast and it will automatically match the .ac3 if it has the same file name (except for extension) and is in the same folder. Otherwise Toast will ask you to locate the matching audio stream.


Toast 11.1 unfortunately, isn't very fast at burning discs. You can use an older version of Toast to burn the discs more quickly or you can choose Save as Disc Image and change the .toast file extension to .iso and burn the discs using Disc Utility or some other application.

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