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Roxio Hd Pro Not Displaying On Monitor



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I had posted a thread before however i can no longer find it, I have got my Roxio set up from my PS3 to my PC monitor, it shows up on the software with signal however it does not display on my monitor, my connection goes PS3> Component Cable > Roxio > HDMI > HDMI to DVI Adapter > Monitor.


If anyone knows how I can get this working I will be grateful, I know someone has got his working however he hasn't yet replied to me.

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Those HDMI to DVI adapters can really be a pain!


Considering there are actually 5 different DVI specs, it is a wonder any of us get it to work :lol:


I got lucky, my HDMI to DVI-D adapter worked out of the package! Of course I only tried it on one DVI-D monitor...


You need to read the specs on the monitor you are using it on to see which DVI spec it accepts.


Then make sure you have a DVI adapter that supports that spec ;)


If you can, try a monitor that can use HDMI just to make sure you are on the right path!


(Component IN & HDMI Out will work with the RGC Device but not the other way around ;))

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