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Timing Of Layers Changes On Disc Burn



I have created a track with three layers, one is recorded voice done with a microphone into computer, the second is a sound effect repeated several times and the third is other sound effects. When I burn the mix to CD, the timing is off. The sound effects get moved so they interfere with the voice. Anyone have any ideas on what is happening?

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Also when I export to a wav or mp3 file, there is popping, clicking, cut off words that do not happ when playing the original mix. Also, NXT@ constantly closes, Windows 8 says it did something wrong and had to close. I just bought this yesterday and wonder if it was a mistake?

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WHERE did you put them?


Hint ~ Internal Track ;)


Even then, sometimes you need to Render (Export As) to a file along the way, then bring in that file and add more.


Basic workflow is to Edit the Video until you are happy. Export As


Then add Audio (internal tracks)


I just saw you 2nd post, when VW tends to crash like that, it is often an issue with the existing source file... If that is true in your case, it will go away after the first Export As ;)


Try it out and let us know!


Jim, maybe my eyesight is failing but I don't see any indication int macboney's posts that he is doing anything with video <_< He posted "burning mix to CD"

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