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PC Gameboy


This is what happens when I turn the quality up to full It flashes it...post-109574-0-41082800-1381682259.jpg

Not to hijack the thread here but you're lucky you get THAT much. All I get is the FILE TOOLS HELP pull down menus & THAT IS IT until you get down to RECENT CAPTURES 7 anything below that


And that's on MY OLDER LAPTOP !!! My Windows 8 CHOKES on this window. The end result is the whole program crashes


While you may have a seperate issue that's causing a no signal, I think the MORE SERIOUS issue lies WITH THE SOFTWARE (More specifically Roxio Media Capture, which has seemingly has a long history of problems if you Google it). And the most FRUSTRATING part of it all is it seems like he Roxio Devs are relying ALMOST SOLELY & EXCLUSIVELY on the BAND AID SOLUTION WORKAROUNDS which the more technically savvy members of the community have come up with instead of doing what REALLY needs to be done to the software & it's installer - That is OVERHAUL IT (If not REPLACE it)


If they're either not inclined to do that (Or simply don't have the manpower or other resources to do it), then what they NEED to do is simply FIX THE DRIVER whereas it will/can work with other programs (ALA Adobe FME, Debut, Open Source Broadcaster, etc) so THEY can be used to stream/capture whatever is coming from the Roxio


If they're either not inclined to do EITHER, then what they NEED to do is simply STOP MANUFACTURING & SELLING HARDWARE THAT PEOPLE CANNOT USE !!! This is only ELEMENTARY LOGIC !!!


Again, not to hijack the thread here but this is just a tiny microcosm of what I've been seeing & reading both here & elsewhere (And what the mods seem to be trying to ignore here but are undoubtedly finding it increasingly hard to do so) for FAR FAR TOO LONG !!!


Anyway.....Enough with my rambling. Time to post.....


Cheers & Happy Gaming :)

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Okay to put this n more proper context, here's what I'm seeing on my laptop....




That's what I see before i get this crash box




Any ideas as to what might be causing this? I have tried [u]EVERYTHING[/u] both in & out of the proverbial box & I AM AT MY WITS END !!!


Cables ARE NOT an issue. They work with my TV & Playstation 3 with NO problem (I even get the Playstation 3 display on my TV)


I'm SERIOUSLY inclined to GIVE UP on getting the Roxio to work & switch to the something like the Hauppauge


HELP !!!


Cheers & Happy Gaming :)



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