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Any Real Improvements Since 10.2 Version?



Yes, my PowerBook G4 laptop is still running beautifully, burning excellent HD Blu Rays on my LaCie burner. And I have accepted no chapter markers transferring from FCP projects and only 6 background images that work fully for 16X9.

So am toying with finally upgrading to a new MacBook Pro with SSD drive for logging and transferring HD files in the field, and leaving the PPC Mac at home to rest up for the burns.


Have there been any major improvements to Toast 11 since my PPC 10.2 version, like being able to choose many more 16X9 HD button backgrounds, transferring FCP chapter markers to the Blu Rays, more format conversion options to Blu Ray beyond h.264? etc. Or are you folks still dealing with the same ole same ole?

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There are a lot of changes. I don't have FCP so I don't know if the chapter markers transfer. I do know Toast 11 allows you to custom set individual chapters markers. The menu styles are new. I count 25 16x9 styles. Roxio Video Player is new and great for previewing Blu-ray video disc images. I'm pretty sure Toast 10 allowed by MPEG-2 and h.264 Blu-ray formats, as does Toast 11. Roxio has a "Why Upgrade" comparison on their Toast 11 product page.


The only downside to Toast 11.1 is it burns discs more slowly than previous versions. I recommend that users consider choosing Save as Disc Image with Toast 11.1 and burning the discs with the Image File setting in an earlier version for fastest burn speeds.

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