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My Roxio Crashes My Windows 8! Help!



So everytime i try to record something with my ROXIO GAME CAPTURE HD PRO it works for like 15 seconds and then i get the blue screen and it says APC_Index_mismatch and then it shows something about Minidump and sending details to microsoft. I really need help, this has been going on ever since like 1 month. Before i got a new pc I had windows 7 and it worked fine but after windows 8 it doesn't work now.

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I had the same problem on my Windows 7 with Roxio, computer freezes up whenever the Capture screen was up.


After getting some help from the official Microsoft message boards, one of the members suggested me to create a new User Account and see if Roxio freezes there since my main User profile is supposedly corrupted. It didn't, and I have done my Roxio recordings over on my other User Account ever since.


The link to my Microsoft topic regarding the Roxio freeze: http://answers.micro...da-a52d7bf036af


Maybe it could work on your Windows 8 computer too?

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